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Naomi Limont
"A chorus and dialogue of experience and creation."

"Naomi Limont is an accomplished artist who literally does it all. She is a painter, printmaker, bookbinder, and papermaker - a twentieth-century femina universale.

Her work is “....characterized by a demanding exactness and preciseness that conveys the understated beauty of the line, of the shape, of the form. At the same time, her paper has a vital and organic presence to it; it asks to be felt, … to be experienced." - Michael Ryan, Director of Special Collections, University of Pennsylvania.

A former Mennonite, Naomi Limont brings an almost religious reverence for nature into her acclaimed work. She began her studies at the Barnes Foundation and received an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts - from which she was awarded a prestigious art-study fellowship to study in Italy.

Naomi Limont's work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Print Club, Woodmere Art Museum, and University of Pennsylvania.

Yale University, Rutgers University, the Philadelphia Art Museum, RCA Corporation, Glaxo Smith Kline Corporation, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and University of Southern California at Berkley are but a few of the institutions that feature the work of Naomi Limont in their permanent collections.

"Joy Ride"

"Tea Time"

"Away in a Boat"


"Morning Meadow"


"Watch the Birdie"


"The Knitter"